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Creating one off posts with Ad Hoc Generation

Creating One-Off Posts with Ad Hoc Generation

In the realm of social media management, versatility in content creation is key. Our platform offers two primary methods for crafting posts:
Ad Hoc Generation for single posts and
Campaigns for groups of posts.

This article focuses on Ad Hoc Generation, a feature that allows for quick and targeted single post creation.

What is Ad Hoc Generation?

Ad Hoc Generation is a flexible way to create individual posts, either based on a specific focus you provide or selected by the AI. It's perfect for when you need a post tailored to a particular theme, such as a promotion, event, or holiday, or when you want to experiment with AI-driven random content ideas.

How to Use Ad Hoc Generation

Creating a post via Ad Hoc Generation is a straightforward process:

Navigate: Go to the Generate (Ad Hoc) tab in the app.
Options: Find the Custom and Generate buttons in the Most Recent Section.
Random Post: Select Generate for the AI to create a random post based on your brand's data and previous posts.
Custom Post: Click Custom to instruct the AI to create a post around a specific topic you provide.

AI-Generated Option

When you click Generate, the AI analyzes your past posts, brand data, and potential future post themes, crafting a post that aligns with these insights.

Custom-Generated Option

Selecting Custom allows you to steer the post's direction. You can specify:
Post topic
Post template
An image (upload your own or let the AI choose)
Tone of the post

Tip: The styling of your post, including colors and fonts, will automatically align with the settings defined in your Brand Context.


Ad Hoc Generation is an invaluable tool for creating targeted, specific posts or exploring creative AI-generated content. Whether you're responding to current events, promoting a special offer, or simply keeping your content fresh and engaging, Ad Hoc Generation provides the flexibility and creativity needed to maintain an active and relevant social media presence.

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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