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How to Integrate with Zapier

Integrating BrandBlast with Zapier streamlines your social media management by automating workflows between BrandBlast and other applications. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up this integration, focusing on the use of API keys and the 'Post Created' trigger.


Before you begin, ensure you have a BrandBlast account and access to Zapier.

Step 1: Locate Your BrandBlast API Key

To connect BrandBlast with Zapier, you need your BrandBlast API Key. Here's how to find it:

Open the BrandBlast app.
Navigate to the 'Brand Context' tab.
Your Brand API Key will be displayed here.

This API Key is essential for authenticating your account on Zapier.

Step 2: Setting Up Zapier Integration

Log in to your Zapier account.
Choose to create a new Zap and search for BrandBlast.
When prompted, enter your BrandBlast API Key for authentication.

Step 3: Using the 'Post Created' Trigger

After authentication:
Select the 'Post Created' trigger from the list of BrandBlast triggers.
This trigger fires every time a post is created in BrandBlast, allowing you to set up an automated action in another app in response to new BrandBlast posts.

Special Instructions for Agency Tier Users

If you are an agency user, you have access to the Agency API Key, which enables you to set up Zaps across all brands under your agency.

Locating Your Agency API Key:

Open the BrandBlast app.
Go to the 'Profile' tab.
Your Agency API Key will be located here.

Using the Agency API Key:

Follow the same steps for setting up the Zapier integration.
Use your Agency API Key for authentication instead of the Brand API Key.
The 'Post Created' trigger will now respond to posts created by any brand under your agency, providing a comprehensive automation solution for your entire portfolio.


By integrating BrandBlast with Zapier and utilizing the 'Post Created' trigger, you can automate your workflows and stay on top of every new post, whether for a single brand or across an entire agency portfolio. For any further assistance, please contact our support team.

Updated on: 16/12/2023

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