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How to use Campaigns

In today's dynamic social media landscape, having a versatile approach to content creation is essential. Our platform facilitates this with two primary features: Ad Hoc Generation for individual posts and Campaigns for bulk content creation. This article will guide you through using Campaigns, a powerful tool for curating a series of posts efficiently.

What are Campaigns?

Campaigns in our platform represent a strategic approach to social media posting. Essentially, a campaign is a series of posts that are automatically scheduled and distributed across your connected social media accounts over a set period. This feature allows you to specify the social platforms, duration, and frequency of posts, and then leverages AI to create a diverse and high-quality social media strategy based on your brand's data and existing content.

How to Create a Campaign

Creating a Campaign is a straightforward process:

Navigate: Go to the Campaigns tab in the app.
Open the Create Dialog: Click the button titled`Create My First` to open the create campaign dialog.
Enter the campaign criteria and press submit: Select the platforms to post to, the frequency, and the duration.

Tip: For starters, consider a shorter campaign with lower frequency to familiarize yourself with our platform such as 3 posts a week for 4 weeks.

Review the results: Once the posts are done generating you can edit the photos, captions, and publish times.

Publish the campaign: After the results have been finalized, publish the campaign in order to schedule the posts. The "Publish" button is in the right hand corner of the campaign detail view.

Warning: Make sure you publish the campaign in order to allow it to post.


Campaigns offer an efficient way to manage your social media presence by automating the creation and scheduling of posts. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining a consistent online presence, running themed content series, or covering periods when manual posting isn't feasible. Remember, the effectiveness of your campaign heavily relies on the initial criteria you set, so take the time to align them with your overall social media strategy.

Updated on: 20/12/2023

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