Using Teams

In any dynamic digital marketing landscape, collaboration is key to achieving success. Our platform's 'Teams' feature is designed to facilitate this by allowing specific users to access and manage multiple brands. This is especially useful for agencies or businesses managing several brands, streamlining operations and fostering teamwork.

What are Teams?

Teams are essentially groups that combine users and brands. When you create a team:

Each team member gains access to all brands associated with that team.
It allows users who don't own a particular brand to access and create content for it, perfect for agencies or businesses that manage multiple client accounts.
It provides a way to delegate brand management and content creation responsibilities among team members.

How to create a Team

Navigate: Go to the Teams tab in the app.
Create: Create a team and give it a team name.
Add members: Add members by email. Their email must be registered with the platform first.
Add brands: Add brands that you own. Label owners can add any brand under their label to a team. Regular users can only add brands that they own.


Teams offer a streamlined way to manage multiple brands under a single umbrella, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. By carefully setting up teams and assigning the right members and brands, you can optimize your social media management efforts, ensuring that each brand receives the attention and creativity it deserves. Whether you're an independent business owner or run a large agency, the Teams feature is an invaluable tool for collaborative success.

Updated on: 20/12/2023

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